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What is a MultiDomain Hosting?

While starting a website, of the most important subjects is the Hosting. Choosing the right host can save us time, money, and trouble. This task requires knowledge and analyzing the best options. One of these options is the MultiDomain Hosting. Before looking into the pros and cons of this service, we will explain exactly what it is.

The Definition

As the name says, a multidomain hosting is a hosting service that allows clients to work with several domains in the same package. The service is usually billed in one single payment that covers all of the domains that might be linked to the server. In some cases, they allow from 3 to 6 domains per service, but there are also companies like Banahosting that offer one hosting to infinite domains per 6,95 USD a month.

How does it work

I you hire a multidomain hosting you need to follow some steps, that are different from the estándar hosting service. The first step is, of course, to check if the service can host multiple domains. Going on from there you could continue with the configuration of the domains.

You have to register each domain and then create the subfolders that will host the files of them (By separate). Some hostings do this process automatically, you only have to type the name of the domain and the platform will create and configurate it all alone. You will have to link your domains to the hosting (By the DNS) and wait a couple hours for them to propagate.

Upsides of a multidomain hosting

If you want to handle several sites without many workforce and investment of money, a multidomain hosting is the perfect option for you. But remember that the resources are limited and if some of your sites get too many users online (Like thousands) it can collapse, so we can define this service as a perfect option for beginners!


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