Types of hosting


Types of Hosting

At the time of picking a hosting, there are some things that you should know to choose the best option for you. If you are starting to manage your own website, or you are thinking about opening one for an special motive to star having presence on the Internet, you must know the types of hosting or web hosting that you count with to make the best decision for your project.

Web hosting can be divided in different types. Your election will depend on what you need as a client for your website. The first hosting service up there it’s the free hosting, which is a web hosting that you don’t have to pay for.

Free Hosting

The free web hosting services don’t provide with the best qualities to build a project. As it’s a non-chargeable service, it doesn’t have premium characteristics to work, also, the file storage space is smaller, so your site could be collapsed if you reached a great number of visits at the same time. The “trick” behind a free service is that the hosting provider will show up ads in your website (And that’s how they profit the service).

Shared Hosting

The shared web hosting is the most used option in these area, it consists in renting a service (usually for a very affordable price) to host the files of a website in a shared server alongside with some other hundreds of clients. The bright side of this service are the lower price, the easiness to setup and the constant customer service (Exceptions apply) which can help you in case of having a problem.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Other types of hosting or web hosting are the VPS, which permit make the reservation of the web server resources, there’s also the option of dedicated servers, cloud web hosting and managed web hosting. In these cases, the server will be deployed only for your websites, and has also some advantages like privacy in the projects, independent IP directions, and more professional service. The downside, off course, is the cost, which is way more expensive.


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