What are the benefits of having a VPS

5 benefits of having a VPS


If you are about to launch a website and are hesitating between choosing a normal hosting service and a VPS, you should read the following benefits o having a VPS to host your project. VPS means Virtual Private Server,

What defines them is how flexible they could be, because the VPS have the option that you can install your operative system with the version you need to use, modify apps how you want to obtain the best performance of your website. The Virtual Private Servers are going to offer, with not doubt, an experience with a biggest security for those who use this type of server. For those who don’t have much experience in using servers, and not to much knowledge, well the VPS guarantees not to have too much difficulty to use them.

Other of the most important aspects that you should have in account to contract a VPS server, it’s that this have a lower price than other server of a dedicated hosting, for example. It’s necessary that you seek for the option that it is more comfortable to use, and if this is cheaper, so much better.

Why do I want a VPS?

  1. Offers more security: Since no one access your servers, you (and your team) will be the only with access to passwords, domains, IPs and, at the end, to the files of your websites.
  2. Independent IP’s for your Private Blog Network (which means, better results in your SEO campaigns).
  3. Freedom to install any apps/software you want to.
  4. Better prices to host multiple sites (If you have a PBN, its cheaper to hire a VPS rather than paying for, let’s say, 50 hosting).
  5. Complete control of what happens between your sites and the server.

The downsides, if any, are all related to the fact that you will have to install everything inside your VPS. But if you are experienced in this subject, it will be a very easy task. If not, there are multiple youtube tutorials 😉

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