where can i buy a domain

Where can I buy a web domain?

We used to say, “if it’s not written, it doesn’t exist”, but know in the 21st century, if you are not on the internet you are basically not alive. That’s why it is so important to have your own website/blog if you are going to promote your profile, service or product. To build a website you need a few things; an idea, a hosting, content and, of course, a domain. A domain is a name on the internet. Once you register a domain, this name can’t be used by nobody else, so it’s yours (At least, until you stop paying for it)

The best places to buy domains

Not every website offer te same services while selling domains. Some of them make the process easier, some offer additional products like Hosting, Hosting+Domain management, their own CMS, among other options. All of them require registering on their system. Here, we will give you a little list of the top websites to buy domains.

Top 2, according to our experiences

  • GODADDY: is one of the most important Domain Sellers in the market, with more than 57 domain suffixes offered. Their clients come from all over the globe and have a great support system with customer attention 24/7 via telephone, mail or online chat. They have innovated some domain terminations, like .futbol, .club or .tienda (Spanish). But also sell the classic ones like .org, .com and .net.
  • Hostgator: Even though it is not a proper domain seller (more a hosting provider), this Company has a very easy system to buy domains, they also offer packages that include the Host. They sell on very affordable prices, by the way. Customer support in multiple languages and a very easy client area to manage the products.

If you want to buy a domain, these two websites are a sure thing, but there are also multiple options on the internet. If you think one is better than Hosgator and GoDaddy, tell us! Share your Domain experience!


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