where is your website hosted

Where is your website hosted?

Invest in your VPS correctly! All details might be more important than you originally thought. Before mounting your website on the domain, have it clear that the exact purpose of it has different parameters of need than other projects. Wherever is a blog, online store, portfolio, etc. Revise what are your top interests and why you’re buying a vps. Then, buy it.

A certain piece that is usually overlooked is the location that your IP will show through the vps. The country, where is it? Why? Does it have something to do with my goal audience? How will that affect search engines and my traffic?

Where SEO and location met

For content it matters to have a good SEO, because through the Search Engine Optimization we can flow ten times better through the internet traffic, and be victorious in the end. And that magical formula that makes us fall into that bingo is full of details such as the location and country. An example of this can be seen repeatedly on the same manner. Users who are from let’s say, USA, Miami; but the public they aim for is at Venezuela, to set an example. Then, hosting in Venezuela is bound to be the good choice, right? It is, because the people who will visit your website and will be interested the most on what you are talking about or selling. BUT, there is a few other pragmatics regarding the location that you need to have on mind… like the fact that in some countries there’s not a good internet connection, therefore having your hosting there might introduce a low quality into the experience of visiting your website; meaning that you could be on the top 10 of visited pages in the country (if you done the job right) but at the same time, people could deflect constantly from your site because it is slow and when there’s many people visiting it can crash.

So, remember that locations are highly important for your purpose and other stuff, but never leave for last the fact that the virtual private server needs to have quality, the main guarantees of speed connection, the storage space and its limit, the reliability of the hosting, how much support is given and what time it takes to answer, and the possibility for expansion. Like said before, all aspects are pieces of a whole, and the hours of work are only a concern of you. No matter what your project is, check characteristics and you’ll always be fine.


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